At A strong focus on a smooth transition from Primary into Secondary School

Year 7 Transition Program

At St. Luke's College, we strive to make the transition from Primary to Secondary school experience enjoyable, captivating, and manageable, ensuring that our students make the most of their first year. To facilitate this, we have developed a tailored program specifically for Year 7, providing comprehensive guidance and support throughout their journey.


The Year 7 Transition Program includes...

1. Orientation Day

Orientation Day serves a crucial purpose in preparing our enrolled Year 7 cohort for their first day of secondary school. It is a significant event that aims to alleviate any anxiety or apprehension both students and parents may have regarding this transition. During this special day, students have the opportunity to meet their Pastoral Care Group and House Coordinator, fostering a sense of familiarity and support from the very beginning.

Engaging in team-building activities, students also get to develop connections and learn more about their peers who will embark on this secondary school journey together. Orientation Day sets the stage for a smooth and inclusive start to their academic and social experience.

2. A Day in the Life of Year 7

A Day in the Life of Year 7 is an innovative initiative that offers students a firsthand experience of secondary school life. This special day holds great significance and excitement for our new students as they have the opportunity to meet some of their teachers and start developing a sense of belonging within their new school community.

It serves as a pivotal step towards their integration and engagement, allowing them to immerse themselves in the secondary school environment and begin building meaningful connections. A Day in the Life of Year 7 is designed to provide a positive and memorable experience, setting the stage for a successful transition into their secondary school journey.

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3. First Day of Secondary School

Year 7 students embark on their unique journey into secondary school one day ahead of the other year levels, creating an exciting novelty of having the entire school exclusively for themselves!

During this special day, our dedicated House Coordinators, Pastoral Care Teachers, and Student Mentors extend a warm welcome to the Year 7 students, ensuring they feel supported and prepared for the transformative journey that lies ahead. This tailored experience sets the stage for a smooth transition, fostering a sense of belonging and providing the necessary guidance and mentorship to navigate their new academic and social environment

With the focused attention and care from our experienced team, Year 7 students are empowered to embrace their secondary school adventure with confidence and enthusiasm.

4. Year 7 House Day

In Term One, Year 7 students actively engage in an immersive House Day experience, which serves as a cornerstone for building House identity and fostering strong Pastoral Care structures.

During the House Day, students enthusiastically participate in a range of activities, including swim trials, fun games, and engaging team-building exercises. These activities not only promote a sense of camaraderie and belonging within their respective Houses but also contribute to the overall development of each student.

Furthermore, we ensure that our Year 7 students are fully equipped to navigate the digital landscape of education. With a dedicated focus on technology integration, we provide comprehensive guidance to ensure that students are proficient in utilising our online learning platforms effectively.

5. Year 7 Camp

The Year 7 Camp is a pivotal experience aimed at fostering unity among students transitioning from various primary feeder schools into a single secondary school community.

This immersive outdoor experience plays a pivotal role in enabling students to forge connections, bond with their Pastoral Care Group and Coordinator, and cultivate lasting friendships.

During the Year 7 Camp, students are encouraged to embrace new challenges and step outside their comfort zones. It serves as a platform for them to explore uncharted territories, try new activities, and discover hidden talents.

Moreover, the Year 7 Camp provides a unique opportunity for students to get to know one another on a deeper level. Through shared adventures, team-building exercises, and collaborative tasks, students learn the value of teamwork, communication, and mutual support. This camaraderie lays a strong foundation for a supportive and inclusive school community, fostering a sense of belonging and connectedness among the Year 7 cohort.

6. Peer Support

The Year 10 peer mentors and lead mentor teachers play a crucial role in our successful peer support program for Year 7 students during their first three terms. Through their strong leadership and effective communication, the peer mentors facilitate engaging activities that promote problem-solving, teamwork, and effective communication.

The program aims to equip students with essential social skills necessary for their transition to secondary school. By fostering connections with their peers and peer mentors, students develop a sense of confidence and comfort in their first year. 

7. Transition Classes

As part of their transition to secondary school, Year 7 students participate in a weekly class specifically designed to address the challenges they may encounter in their first year. These classes provide guidance on managing schoolwork, homework, and study, as well as developing effective organisational skills and utilising technology.

The focus of these classes extends beyond academic skills. Students also learn important life skills such as building resilience, fostering friendships, and establishing positive relationships with peers, teachers, and parents. Additionally, students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and actively engage in community service within our local area.

8. The Give Back Program

At St. Luke's College, we recognise the leadership potential within our Year 7 students, many of whom have already demonstrated their leadership abilities in their primary schools. We actively support and nurture their ongoing development in this area.

There are various opportunities for students to take on leadership roles within the College. As House Council members, they contribute to shaping the house community and fostering a sense of belonging.

Through our Give Back Program, students can lead by serving as Flag Monitors, organizing and facilitating activities for College Tours, and assisting with Year 7 Transition days. Additionally,  students have the chance to give back to their former primary schools, local community and the parish providing them with an opportunity to showcase their leadership skills and contribute to society.