Certificate IV

At St Luke's College we recognise that not all students have a final plan around their future career choices and this is where the Certificate IV pathway is ideal as this pathway provides students with both University and Industry bound options.

Students wishing to gain University, entry but are not necessarily suited to a full ATAR pathway, can embark on a Certificate IV course.  The successful completion of the Certificate IV, alongside ATAR English and four General courses, provides students with an equivalent ATAR entrance score of 70 that is accepted by Curtin, Murdoch and Edith Cowan University.

The courses are not only tailored for students intending on a University pathway, but also to those thinking about further studies associated with employment in Industry.  The course assists students in up-skilling and challenging themselves to reach their full potential.  We encourage students to identify their strengths and needs prior to enrolling in a Certificate IV course.  At St Luke's College we take pride in the all-round achievement of our students and focus our attention on each student's individual needs.  Our VET / Careers Coordinator, Carol Potter, works individually with students in Year 10 to assist in their future pathways and suitable subject selections and provides student support throughout Year 11 and 12.

St Luke's College currently has four Certificate IV courses to select from:

  • Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
  • Certificate IV in Business
  • Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication

Students wishing to enrol in a Certificate IV course are required to have a minimum C grade in English in Year 10. The Certificate IV courses are self-paced with a flexible mode of delivery.  Students intending on this pathway are interviewed to evaluate aspects of their ability to work independently, manage their time accordingly and to communicate on a mature level.  Students are also required to have their own laptop with word processing, PDF reader capabilities and internet connection.

Students are timetabled one period per day as well as one day a week based in the library with guided support.   Once students settle into their course, work placements are encouraged to assist in gaining 'on the job' work experience within a chosen Industry.