North West Shelf Project

The Karratha Education Initiative, a partnership between the North West Shelf Project and St Luke's College has been helping to improve and enhance educational opportunities for the students of St Luke's College since its inception in 2007.

Since 2014, the North West Shelf funded Karratha Education Initiative has provided support to St Luke's College from funding by the Karratha Education Initiative, by providing financial assistance in the following areas to name a few:

  • Weekly After Hours Tutoring
  • Year 11 & 12 ATAR revision workshops in Perth and Karratha
  • Promoting Excellence through extra-curricular activities
  • Career Awareness Program
  • Leeuwin Youth Explorer Voyage scholarships for up to 12 students per year.
  • Wellness Weeks
  • Providing additional Professional Development opportunities for our teachers
  • Mental Health Programs
  • STEM programs
  • Annual Maths Camp

It is with the assistance and support of the North West Shelf Project Karratha Education Initiative that St Luke's can offer the students of the College the opportunity to strive to achieve high personal and academic goals through various academic and sporting initiatives and extracurricular programs.

St Luke's College would like to extend its thanks to the North West Shelf Project for its continued support and contribution to the College.

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