Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is the center of everything we do at the College. It permeates our teaching programs, our student support structures and the policies that govern the way we engage with students, staff and parents.

Pastoral Care Centre


Our close-knit College community, underpinned by strong teacher/student and school/family relationships, is integral to the development of every person in our community. We pride ourselves on always being available to support families and encourage healthy and regular communication.

Each morning begins with PCG ensuring that every child starts the day with a friendly face. Their PCG Teacher is available to support them through any challenges they may encounter.

Pastoral Care Groups

At the heart of the College's Pastoral Care program lies the House system. Our vertical House structure provides a strong framework for the pastoral care and welfare of each individual and ensures that no student goes under the radar. Each House is made up of four Pastoral Care Groups (PCG). Each student will share their journey at the College under the guidance of their House Coordinator and PCG teacher who support their academic, social, emotional and physical progress throughout their secondary school years.

At St Luke's College our objective is to develop a holistic approach to wellbeing in and out of the classroom by guiding students towards the development of skills, mindsets and behaviours that contribute to their social, physical, academic and emotional success.

Our unique Pastoral Care programs have been specifically designed for the needs of our students and the surrounding issues relevant to adolescents in our community.

Pastoral Care at St Luke's.

Our Peer Mentor Program integrates leadership training to empower young people to support each other and positively contribute to the College community. For students to feel a strong sense of belonging at school, they need to have positive experiences and good relationships with their peers.


Giving students the toolkit for wellbeing

Issues relating to mental health are on the rise and as the stress and demands on teenagers are forever increasing, it is important that we take the time to instil in students the tools and strategies to look after their own emotional wellbeing.

Our Pastoral Care team are trained in mental health first aid for youth, gatekeeper suicide training and are supported by our school counsellor and senior leadership team. The centre is home to a range of information, support, activities, and a place to belong when needed.

Our team works closely with the teachers, students, and families to offer the best evidence-based intervention. The team are well connected within the community with other mental health network providers and work collaboratively with all those involved to ensure best care.