History of the College

St Luke's College was the first Catholic secondary school to be built in the Pilbara. From its humble beginnings, the transformation over the past 25 years has been dramatic.

From the outset, local business, the community and strong parental involvement have been significant in the establishment of the permanent campus on Rosemary Road. Father Michael Morrisey, Parish Priest and College Chaplain, was actively involved in all aspects of the development of the College.

St Luke's Building


A summary of the key milestones and moments in the life of St Luke's College.

3 September 1986

The decision to build the Karratha Catholic Secondary School (as it was first known) was officially announced. The project was a joint venture between the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia and the Ministry of Education WA.

1986/7 - College name chosen

The name St Luke's College was selected. St Luke joined with St Peter (Dampier) and St Paul (Karratha) symbolising their mission as disciples in witnessing to Jesus and spreading the faith. St Luke, as the author of a major portion of the New Testament, is characterised by the qualities of compassion, patience with the suffering, prayer and joy.

4 February 1987

The first students enrolled at St Luke's College as it was then named. Together with the foundation staff, the 92 students posed for a historic photograph on their first day. Three Christian Brothers, Br John Bowman (Foundation Principal), Br Olly Pickett, Br Peter Green, and a Presentation Sister, Sr Perpetua Waring (Deputy Principal) provided the nucleus of the team that laid the secure foundations of the College.

October 1988

The school community made its long-awaited move to the permanent campus on Rosemary Road.

8 June 1989

Official opening and blessing of Stage one of the campus development were performed by Bishop Hickey and Mrs Pam Buchanan, MLA.

July 1991

Administration block completed. The three-stage development program was then finished.


Extensions to the College Gymnasium and Performing Arts Centre were complete. The $2.3m centre is fully air-conditioned and boasts a full-size basketball court.


$750,000 redevelopment of the sports oval is completed. It is now an integral part of the town's sporting facilities.

Our logo

College motif

The larger cross is the symbol of Jesus Christ, our model, brother and guide. The smaller cross is the symbol of our cross. We are called to be followers of Jesus Christ and face the challenge of carrying our crosses as Christians. The road through the cross and to the horizon, with the name of the College on either side, represents the journey of life. The time students spend at the College contributes to their formations as Christians. The rising sun on the horizon is both a symbol of the Pilbara where it is much in evidence and a symbol of Christ the Light and Life of the World.


"Seek Truth and Justice". The students are challenged to know Christ and in their search for truth to deepen their relationship with Him. Justice implies that they put into practice what they know to be right and good, and use their gifts and talents in the service of others.


God, our Father,
Our College has been founded through the inspiration of Edmund Rice and Nano Nagle to assist us in living the Gospel message of your Son, Jesus. Help us to see the face of Jesus in everyone we meet and to live the words of Jesus when he gave us the New Commandment of, "Love one another as I have loved you." We pray that we live the new commandment in following the vision of St Luke's College as we "Seek Truth and Justice" in addition to developing the potential of the whole person. This we ask through Christ our Lord.