Curtin Uni Ready

At St Luke's College we recognise that every student is unique and has a different learning style. Some of our students have ambitions to go to University, but may not perform well in examination situations.  By providing alternate pathways into University, every student has the possibility to reach their goals and utilise their strengths.

UniReady is an 'alternative entry to university' run by Curtin University. Students complete ATAR English and four units UniReady over Year 11 and Year 12.  Upon successful completion of these units, they are awarded an ATAR of 70. This ranking can be used to gain entry to courses at Curtin University.

Each unit is taught by a ViSN (Virtual School Network) teacher, in line with Curtin University standards for delivery. As such, students considering this option should understand that they would be undertaking a university level course and will be assessed according to university standards.

The ViSN Curtin UniReady course is classified as a competitive one, meaning there are more students who apply than there are places available. To remain fair and equitable, limitations and special information for applications have been put in place.  As with any ViSN course students will be timetabled for five lessons a week, with one lesson being a Skype call with their online class and teacher. Online study is not for everyone. You will need to have a history of handing assignments in on time, be self-motivated and an independent studier.