Students Executives Help Out Our Peer Mentors

Last week during extended PCG, the Year 12 Student Exec organised a range of activities for the Year 7s and their Peer Mentors. The aim for the morning was to allow the Peer Mentors to further get to know the Year 7s and build connections. In their House groups the students got to participate in a range of team games such as tug of war, three-legged races and sack or stilt races. They then swapped the sport equipment for pencils to bring out their inner Picassos. For this activity, the Year 7s were given the opportunity to sketch a portrait of the Peer Mentors. There was plenty of laughs across the morning and both the Year 10 Peer Mentors and the Year 7 students were appreciative of the efforts from the Student Exec to plan such a fun morning.